April 29, 2010

It is as light as a Magazine !!!

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April 22, 2010



  • None of the reservoir in Selangor were cleaned in 2008, resulting in poor water quality.
  • Sungai Sireh water treatment plant in Kuala Selangor has not been washed for over 10 years

  • The Terenggau govt wasted MYR10.5MM buying 26 buses that had to be virtually grounded

  • A total of MYR308.7K was spent on maintaining 2 Proton Perdana that were originally purchased at MYR234K.

  • The auditor also uncovered unauthorized use of fuel cards by personnel in the state secretariat and the Public Work Depts

  • 3 govt cars, bearing reg. no. of PED21, PAF1, PBF1 had frequent tyres replacements.

  • MYR649MM excess tax was refunded late.

  • Penang Municipal of Council had overspent MYR3.5MM to pay 7 solid waste collection contractors, these overpayment since 2007 was not rectificed but was escalated from MYR1.63MM (2007) and MYR1.54MM (2008).

  • No due diligence review by Pelancongan Nasional S/B before investment, 7 subsidiaries and associated companies have accumulated losses of MYR 32.37 MM until 12/31/2008.

These are only part of those significance findings by our Auditor -General in 2009. Year by year, some of these mis-conducts are getting serious and more ridiculous .

So taxpayers, now you know that where your tax paid is being " utilized". Don't forget to submit your BE2009 by 4/30/2010 wor.

November 08, 2009

The Wait

The moment we are waiting for something maybe mind boggling. It is likely to be terrified or the contrary. Some particular moment could stand frozen and some we wish should never come to past.

In a beauty contest , the host asked 5 pageants chosen from the semi final that how they felt as he was going to announce the result for the 2nd runner up, 1st runner up and the champion. 5 of them shared the same feeling that they would like that current moment to be extended unlimitedly. Yes, all of us like happy hours and peaceful time to remain because we are not able to ensure what will happen tomorrow.

Tomorrow is coming without fail, how will it be ?

July 22, 2009


I feel very sorrow recent mornings when I read the chinese press, Nanyang Siang Pau.

There are numerous tragedy and accident occurring everyday, I don't think I had been deeply grieved over unknown deceased.

His death has casted a gloom over the country and frustrated the nation.

May 31, 2009

She Won (2)

Yan : I finished my dinner but mum has not arrived yet. It is 6.30 p.m. already

Me: Hey, you still have the mushroom on your plate.

Yan: No, I don't want to eat these.

Me: Mushroom is good for your skin, you will look prettier with a glowing face if you
regularly eat mushroom.

P.S : I always tell her that the soup or food will enchance her beauty when she is
choosy about food. If I mention that it would make her look gorgeous, she would then eat it.
However this time she leaned lightly against me and whispered in my ear:"You eat, your face has pimples and not pretty."

May 17, 2009

A Joy

It was a joy to hear my dad was fined for not buckling his seat belt.

I used to remind him when i saw it, he would answer me : "Don't worry, there is no any inspection at the distance we are travelling to." Well, apparently he fasten his seat belt for the sake of traffic police but not for his own safety. This is really dangereous though he is an experienced and calm driver.

May 11, 2009

Choices emerged

Bought a pair of new sport shoe from sales last evening, it took me about 40 minutes to try and wondering the white Reebook or the brown Nike at the 3rd sport shop I visited to. My legs were very pain for the about 5 hours I had shopped though just had dinner right before that, it was approaching to 9 p.m.

In fact, I hate to make a decision on spot among emerged choices but I need a pair of new sport shoes to replace. I have been wondering if I had bought the shoes I really like for changing my mind on what I had decided.

Before that, I had actually decided going back to the 2nd sport shop to buy the pure black Reebook after the dinner. I was too hungry to made a decision among all I had tried with, the Fila I saw at 1st sport shop is worth for reconsideration. All these shoes are on sales, all discounted prices are quite attractive against their comfort level offered. Comfortability is very important for a shoe other than the design, I hardly found shoes I like recently.

Lucky me just now. I realized that I was given 2 left brown Nike shoes when I attempt to wear it going dinner with my youngest brother. WOOwwwW ......were I or was he too careless? This might be an irreversible mistake if I realize it only when I return to KL or when I pack my luggage at next 2 nights. Then, the cheaper shoes becomes expensive for either 1 lesson paid with 2 left shoes or cost my brother for the help.

Lesson(s) learned -- Women, don't crazy for sales ........Always double check though you saw the salesman packing the shoes you just tried with.

May 09, 2009

Leave it or mend it ?

Something very funny has occured at this pair of shoes and for first and ever this has occurred, only to this pair of shoes for numerous pairs i had/have worn since I walk.

Have you noticed something ? It is not regard with the torn areas. The colour, the colour on the right shoe has been found fading faster than left shoe. I have been wondering the reason for many months, they are always placed at same place or walking down same paths. As can be seen, traces and torn area are compatible for both left and right but color is not.

This is OK for a pair of shoe, but if this happen between you and your partner .... leave it or mend it ?

April 22, 2009



1. 你必须把这个游戏告诉给(序号2旁边写下的数字)个人。
2. 序号3是你所爱的人。
3. 序号7是你所喜欢的但不能与之相伴的人。
4. 序号4是你最关心的人。
5. 序号5是非常了解你的人。
6. 序号6是你重要的人。
7. 序号8的歌适合序号3的人。
8. 序号9的歌适合序号7的人。
9. 序号10的歌最能代表你的想法。
10. 序号11的歌是你对生活的感受。


翻译 Translation

熟悉香港朋友都懂香港的路名与地方多是英译. 小时玩大富翁时总觉得难念极了:
看见这路名的翻译, 我不禁要问有小强街吗? 是否译为 Cockroach Street ?

March 21, 2009

Family Day

This morning, six of us squeezed in my dad's car and went to tomb sweepings.
Both of my great grandfathers' and grandfather's tomb are located at 2 different places in Klang.

If I am not mistaken, today is the 1st time 4 of us accompanying our parents for this festival. We might have going together like today when we were young, but I could not remember at all. Perhaps, we had not....it has been any of us who were free following or accompanying them instead. I could only remember I cried pestering my parents to follow them to tomb sweeping, I was five in that year. My dad shouldered me climbing fences surrounding tombs before reaching my grandpa's tomb. It was a raining day and both of us nearly stumbled on the fence.

We had Bak Kut Teh after sweeping my great grandfathers' tombs with uncle, aunt and cousin.
Then my family only went to sweep my grandfather's tomb at further distance from Klang downtown.Before back to KL, we looked for the "ABC" ices at the old hawker place.This was one of the food spot my father used to bring us for when we came to Klang during Sunday.

Though it was a normal Sunday or just a "duplicate" Sunday we used to have, this was a great and precious time we had other than the Chinese New Year nowsaday. In fact, we had not been living under same roof since Sept 2006:
  • 1996 Sept --I left for study
  • 1998 July - Chung Yau left for study at early month, I returned in month end
  • 1999 Sept --I left for working
  • 2004 June -Chung Yang left for study
  • 2004 July -- I returned for good
  • 2007 Dec - Chung Yau returned for good, but always lives outside rather than home.
  • 2008 Oct -Yee Jia left for working.
  • 2008 Nov - Chung Yau married and moved out.

Returning home at afternoon, Chung Yang started getting himself prepared to catch his bus back to Singapore. Chung Yau returned his home after meal, Yee Jia will return to HK in coming Thursday when she need to return to her work.

I missed those days we waited for each other watching Hong Kong drama /movie rented, or evenings we watched dramas from TV2 or TV3 with our dinner plates on our hand respectively.

March 08, 2009

She Won

My mother has become nanny to Yi-Yan again in last December and in the same period she turned into 6 years old.
When Yi-Yan was a toddler, she did not cry, whine and scream if anythings she asked for was disallowed or her request was not being fulfilled. I remembered before she knew to speak verbally, she liked to pull or push us out from our seat. Pointing to the door, she told us in her language, “ I want to go out, please bring me out for strolling….please, please.” This happened almost every evening when she approached 18 months and just few months before she followed her parents going UK.
In fact, Yi Yan’s 2 lovely aunties were staying next door to us. They mentioned to us Yi –Yan ‘s popular lines when being with them, "Auntie, you are very boring" or ' I am just a 4 years old kid, it is unfair to ask me to do homework!'

1st Incident

At her 1st day she came to my house in last December, I took a nap after lunch because I was not feeling well. She woke me up every 3 minutes pestering me to take medicine after she knew that I was not feeling well. In next few days, Yi-Yan saw me having the chewing gum and asked me on spot. I told her that the gum was the medicine as I believe she is too young to have chewing gum at her age of 6. I noticed that she observed me taking the rest of "medicine" in following days , she had only asked another time to clear her suspicious if it was really the medicine. She must have wondered how come I did not sleep or how come I took the medicine for looking healthy, but she was quiet about these. That was 1 day in the following week.
We were doing household shopping with Yi-Yan at Jaya Jusco. We pushed the trolley toward the counter when we almost finished. Supermarket always displaying various candies, chewing gums and chololates around payment counters. When Yi Yan saw these, she pointed and asked, "Is this medicine?"
Recently I took chewing gum in front of her, she asked me on spot what was I eating. I bluffed to her like 5 months ago. Standing beside my table, she picked up the wrapping paper and read the wording –Chewing Gum. Off course, she asked me: “Why it is written Chewing Gum”. She caught me wordless!

2nd Incident

Yi –Yan is a very playful kid and it is quite difficult to get her to sit well finishing her homework without any rest. Her mother has always prepared a timetable scheduling her time for games, writing, coloring , drawing, TV and anything in daytime when she stays with us

One afternoon, I requested her to replicate my drawing in an A4 side paper. She refused by saying “This is your paper.”
I mentioned that I would like her to have the paper, but she kept on rejecting my offer and told me that she could not take my office paper.
No matter how I explained and reassured her, she insisted that it was my office paper and the paper is for office used.
Our conversation was eventually ended with an open remark. She pointed to my laptop and uttered, “ Can you give me your computer? Can you give me your pencil case?”

I was astounded, I was wordless and seriously I did not know how to answer her remark.
You see, she wins ultimately !

January 24, 2009

Crazy or Creative?

This should be the normal way we take our pictures at the scene with statue and/or waterfall. Some crazy guys had however figured out a creative way of their photo -taking , which attracted astonished crowd, including me :